Our truly unique program may help your client (pre-discharge) secure a new auto loan. The program highlights and guidelines are detailed as follows:

Vehicle Replacement Program Highlights

RATE REDUCTION REWARDS: With timely payments, the contract’s interest rate can drop every 3 months, accelerating pay-down, and saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in interest.

NO DOWN PAYMENT REQUIRED: We understand your client’s circumstances and work to accommodate each customer’s limited liquidity.

AFFORDABLE MONTHLY PAYMENTS: We strive to approve comfortable payments – on average about 10% of monthly income – and offer an array of convenient payment options.

MONTHLY CREDIT REPORTING: Our lenders report all account activity to TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

EXCELLENT VEHICLES: It is important to us that our customers drive reliable vehicles intended to serve them for the life of the contract and beyond.

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You want a great loan for your new vehicle. How about a loan that rewards you by dropping your interest rate as you keep your account in good standing? Our exclusive Rate Reduction Program does exactly that, and it can mean tremendous savings! Here’s how it works:

  • As soon as the new Prestige loan closes, the client may register in the Rate Reduction section in their online account at GoPFS.com.
  • Keep their registration current, make monthly payments on time, and maintain qualifying vehicle insurance always.
  • For every 3 months step 2 is followed, Prestige will automatically drop the rate by up to ½ of 1%, for a total reduction of up to 2% per year.
Without Rate Reduction With Rate Reduction
Pmt # APR Balance APR Balance Savings
1 21.0% $17,873 21.0% $17,873 $0
24 21.0% $14,262 17.5% $13,649 $613
36 21.0% $11,722 15.5% $10,336 $1,386
48 21.0% $8,594 14.0% $6,267 $2,328
60 21.0% $4,743 14.0% $1,549 $3,194
64 21.0% $3,270 14.0% $0 $3,3445
72 21.0% $0 14.0% $0 $3,708


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