At BK Debt Relief we understand the stress of dealing with a Bankruptcy and trying to get a fresh start. We’ve been in the "credit re-establishing" business for 22 years. We pioneered the Bankruptcy loan program over 20 years ago and we were the first to present this program to the few lenders that would offer financing during a bankruptcy. Working in conjunction with the lenders we have fine tuned the program. No one understands the programs better than we do at BK Debt Relief. We were the first and we are the best.


Please take 5 minutes & call our Bankruptcy Loan Processing Center today at: 800-780-2308

There is life after bankruptcy and we will explain why purchasing a car is one of the best ways to rebuild credit. We will show how to do this before bankruptcy discharge. There are many advantages of open bankruptcy and pre-discharge auto financing. We will treat your client with the respect they deserve, without embarrassment.


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